Powering Your Success

One huge advantage to businesses and residents of Meigs County is the availability of very affordable utilities.

American Electric Power (AEP) has a long history as a reliable provider of abundant and affordable power in Ohio and works with new and expanding businesses to provide incentives and energy management tools to help them control their energy costs. AEP capably supplies the businesses at the East Meigs Industrial Park and can provide about 1,000 kW of additional load without further improvements.

Seven public water systems in Meigs County ensure plenty of clean, high quality water for our growing communities and the businesses they support.  The Tuppers Plains-Chester Water District supplies residents, businesses and East Meigs Industrial Park with more than 2,900,000 gallons of water stored in 21 above-ground water tanks and six wells producing an average of 1.2 million gallons per day (MGD).  Water is delivered to the park through a 12” main and includes 0.5 MGD in excess capacity. The Tuppers Plains Regional Sewer District also provides wastewater treatment for the park. 

Natural gas supplies and suppliers are abundant here.  At the East Meigs Industrial Park, natural gas is provided by Mountaineer State Energy at 20 psi through plastic 4” mains.

Businesses relying on high-speed internet will find what they need in Meigs County. New Era Broadband offers metered business service up to 50 megabytes per second (MBps) and 100 gigabytes (GB) internet traffic as well as Digital Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services that reduce telecommunications costs.  Windstream Communications also serves businesses here with a fiber-backed, high-speed network, cloud-based services, networking support, and VoIP. 

Ohio's deregulated power market makes it possible for our utility providers to offer additional advantages by developing customized energy plans to fit the needs of any business. Contact us today to put us to work on a plan to power your success in Meigs County, Ohio.