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Where People and Businesses Thrive

Businesses are thriving in Meigs County, Ohio. Our transportation assets and a regional workforce of more than 293,000 hard-working people, well-equipped with the trade and manufacturing skills and production experience offer significant advantages to businesses located here.

Meigs County offers access to more than 160 million consumers within a one-day truck drive and markets throughout the world with a transportation network that includes:

A robust road system with dual-lane highways that connect to interstate highways in several nearby locations
The Watco/Kanawha River Railroad (KNWA) that offers a state-of- the-art transload facility and connects to both  the CSX and Norfolk Southern mainlines
Easy access to cargo-dedicated airports

People thrive here, too. Our communities offer a simple, relaxed lifestyle reminiscent of times past with friendly and welcoming neighborhoods. With good schools and quality healthcare never far away, families that grow here want to stay here. And the low cost of living in Meigs County makes that possible.

Located in Southern Ohio, Meigs County is nestled in the heart of the Appalachian Plateau offering some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. Residents can enjoy the scenic beauty and plenty of outdoor activities as well as several popular cultural attractions and local events. Those seeking big-city amenities can find them just a short drive away in Columbus, Ohio and Charleston, West Virginia.

Explore Meigs County to get a closer look at how we help businesses and families thrive.