Powerful Advantages for Chemical & Polymer Manufacturers

Ohio leads the nation in polymers production, and almost all of the state’s 88 counties are home to at least one polymer company. Meigs County is one of them. With its large, hard-working and highly skilled regional workforce, along with excellent transportation assets, polymer manufacturers will find everything they need to succeed in Meigs County.   

Energy and water supplies – two of the most important ingredients for success in the chemical and polymer industries – are abundant and affordable in Meigs County. The county produces more than 460 million cubic feet of natural gas and 25,000 barrels of shale oil annually from the wells located here offering the raw materials and energy manufacturers in these growing sectors need.

At the East Meigs Industrial Park, which offers plenty of room for operations of any size, businesses will appreciate our six wells producing an average of 1.2 million gallons per day (MGD), including 0.5 MGD in excess capacity.  American Electric Power (AEP) reliably supplies existing businesses at the park and can provide 1,000 kW of additional load without further improvements.

Ohio's deregulated power market makes it possible for our utility providers to develop customized energy plans that offer additional cost savings that polymer and chemical companies can leverage to develop a wide variety of petrochemical products for end-use markets including:

  • Thermoplastics for manufacturing building and construction materials, and electronic components
  • Thermoset products used in making plywood, furniture, bedding, cars, and electronics
  • Elastomers for use in the manufacturing of auto parts, tires, and a wide variety of industrial products

Meigs County offers a business-friendly environment with utility providers and a well-prepared workforce that are committed to your success. Contact us today to learn more about all the powerful advantages Meigs County can provide.