Putting it All Together in Meigs County

Businesses needing workers for light manufacturing, assembly and packaging will find that Meigs County’s regional workforce of more than 290,000 can deliver the goods.

Area educators are helping companies to streamline their manufacturing and assembly processes by providing training in robotics and other systems. And businesses with specialized workforce needs can find funding assistance for customized training through the Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth (APEG).   

Moving parts and materials in and finished products out couldn’t be easier in Meigs County. Our enviable transportation network makes the county an ideal location for assembly businesses and component manufacturers alike:

  • Our robust highway system connects to interstate highways in several places nearby offering fast and easy access to workers and huge consumer markets. 
  • Our railroad system, including the Hobson rail spur – a new, state-of-the-art transload facility -- provides businesses access to markets throughout the country and the world via ports along the Ohio River opening access to markets in Central and South America via the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean as well as to markets in the Pacific.
  • Air freight and intermodal services can be found nearby at the Rickenbacker International Airport, a cargo-dedicated airport that connects Meigs County businesses with global networks and freight hubs in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Whether your business manufactures components for the auto, aircraft, the appliance industry, or packages products for shipment, Meigs County and its workforce will deliver. Let us help you assemble all the pieces you need to succeed. Contact us today.